Make Your Own Greenhouse

The gentleman who built all of this is named Adam J. Fyall. Click on the link and go to his site. He has a lot of amazing tips and ideas, plus step by step instructions.
Materials :
3 standard "cattle panels".
2 rolls of 10'x50' clear plastic. User a heavier grade. I used 6 mil.
1 16-foot 2'x'4, 3 8-foot 2'x2's, 1 8-foot 1'x2'.
A package (100) of 8-inch zip-ties.
2 rolls of clear duct tape.
1 roll of standard electrical tape.
2 simple door hinges, and a simple handle and latch.
4 2-foot sections of rebar.
2 20-foot pieces of PVC. Schedule 40 is okay, but lighter grade will work better for this.
2-inch wood screws.
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