Copper Rain Chain as an alternative to downspouts

Rain chains are a stylish alternative to downspouts. When water empties out of the gutter, it clings to the chain until it reaches the ground. A catch basin lets it gently spill over to prevent erosion

How to build a wood walkway

This little curved pathway is PERFECT for getting into your yard. Such a simple project can make such a big impact on your yard

Natural water gardens

As anyone who has snorkeled can attest, the cool aquamarine light underwater casts an enchanted glow on everything in its domain. Perhaps this explains the allure of water gardens. Small freshwater gardens are fun to create and simple to care for. And all you need are a few floating or submerged greens in a vintage aquarium, an apothecary jar, or a sleek glass cylinder.

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Island bed garden design

How to Build an Island Bed with Retaining Wall Bricks
How To :
Step 1 : Draw your shape.
Step 2 : Dig the trenches.
Step 3 : Lay your first bricks.
Step 4 : unroll some high quality weed landscape fabric in your trench with the excess going towards the inside of the bed.
Step 5 : Finishing Laying The Bricks and Fill.
Step 6 : Mulch, Plant, and Enjoy.

Perfect Gardening Design Idea "Upside Down Planter"

Perfect Gardening Design Idea "Upside Down Planter"

Nancy Janes Stacking Planters with Patented

Nancy Janes P1360 12-inch Stacking Planters with Patented Flow through Watering System and Hanging Chain, Terracotta, Set of 3: $24.88

Akro-Mils Stack-A-Pot

Akro-Mils Stack-A-Pot$35.99

Fiskars 9424 Garden Bucket Caddy

How to control cabbage worms

To prevent the larvae of the cabbage worms from burrowing into heads of cabbage, cover each head with a nylon stocking, and leave it on until harvest time. This method typifies good organic gardening pest control – rather than fight pests after they appear on your vegetables, take preventative measures to stop them from getting near your vegetables in the first place.

Garden Salsa Pepper Plant

Garden Salsa Pepper Plant $14.99
Two very nice, good sized plants, each 4"-7" tall - not leggy, not plugs, not seeds.
Individually grown and shipped in 3.5" pots. The generous pot size offers you plants with a well developed root system, giving you a head start to fruit.
Medium heat with good pepper flavor
Disease resistant plants yield heavy yields of green to red peppers.
Delicious when eaten either green (milder) or red (hotter)
Garden Salsa Pepper Plant$14.99

How to grow lemon trees from seeds indoors

How to grow lemon trees from seeds indoors
Citris Mitis Calamondin-Minature OrangeTree 5 seeds : $4.99

beautiful : Starry String Lights

Starry Starry Lights - Hyper Cool White Color on Silve Wire- 
 almost disappear. My visiting friends couldn't keep their hands off them.
The best lighting string I ever bought and since I ordered them from Amazon the selection, service and delivery couldn't be faster. I love them.

Make Your Own Greenhouse

The gentleman who built all of this is named Adam J. Fyall. Click on the link and go to his site. He has a lot of amazing tips and ideas, plus step by step instructions.
Materials :
3 standard "cattle panels".
2 rolls of 10'x50' clear plastic. User a heavier grade. I used 6 mil.
1 16-foot 2'x'4, 3 8-foot 2'x2's, 1 8-foot 1'x2'.
A package (100) of 8-inch zip-ties.
2 rolls of clear duct tape.
1 roll of standard electrical tape.
2 simple door hinges, and a simple handle and latch.
4 2-foot sections of rebar.
2 20-foot pieces of PVC. Schedule 40 is okay, but lighter grade will work better for this.
2-inch wood screws.

Vertical Garden Using Plastic Milk Bottles

Moss Bathroom Mat

Moss Bathroom Mats : They don’t need dirt, just water and if they dry, they can live again just by being watered again. Each piece of moss is in a different cell so if one needs to be replaced, it can be done easily. And the humidity of the bathroom ensures that the mosses thrive. And that’s why you need to place it there and not anywhere else.

Self Watering Containers

You need 2 liter bottles, potting soil, seeds, thick string or yarn (either cotton or poly seems to work).

How To :
Cut the bottle in half.
Use a Phillips screwdriver and a hammer to punch a hole in the center of the bottle cap.
Cut a length of yarn/string about 1'-1.5' long, double it over and tie a loop on one end.
Thread the yarn/string through the hole in the bottle cap so that the knot is on the inside of the cap.
Add potting soil and seeds...
You need to water the soil from the top the first time in order to make sure that it is uniformly wet and that the string also is wet.